Aise and Paul to interview BRANDON VERA!

As part of our Shopee Grand Launch, Comic Odyssey is celebrating with a very special episode of our hit livestreaming show, Comic Odyssey Live on August 14 with special guest Brandon Vera! Currently in Guam for the birth of his first child, the reigning ONE Heavyweight Champion will be joining the program via video call to discuss his passion for Funko Pops!

Before that, Comic Odyssey caught up with the champ to ask him a few quick questions:


COMIC ODYSSEY: Congratulations on the birth of your son! How does the emotion compare to winning a championship?

VERA: It is the exact same and indescribable. Something that you have to experience and go through to understand.


COMIC ODYSSEY: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get Funko Pops?

BRANDON: “I couldn’t get in line, despite working at the event and an event the next day for Funko. I never want to ask for anything, so I went to social media. I put a feeler post out there and told someone I would buy all of their Pops if they grabbed all my Pops at the same time, no limits! (But) everyone that responded was either there for the next day or already finished in line - I was stuck! (Funko founder) Mr. Mike Becker and the dirty dozen made sure I got in line and got taken care of. Thank you beautiful people!”


COMIC ODYSSEY: “What's the last Pop anybody would ever think you have in your collection?”

BRANDON VERA: Rainbow Bright or the I Love Lucy set!


COMIC ODYSSEY: Do you see yourself sharing your collecting hobby with your son (and any other future children) when the time comes?

VERA: Everything I have is his or theirs. This is their stuff! If they are into it, then it is theirs. I will take him to all the shows, take him to all the cons…we are doing all of the nerdy stuff!


Hear more from BRANDON VERA on Comic Odyssey Live, streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Shopee Live on August 14, at 3pm. The Comic Odyssey Shopee Grand Launch Sale runs from August 10-16. For news, updates, and exclusive offers, follow @comicodyssey and @popsbyCO on social media.